Our CCTV systems offer security for passengers and staff, help prevent crime and provide vital video evidence for any incidents that may happen.
They can be configured for a variety of applications including on-board trains, retail outlets, industrial plants, transport hubs and other land-based installations.

Our systems can be configured to meet your needs and include a range of digital or analogue based systems that offer a covert or overt presence and can be supplied in a variety of sizes, lens ranges and with different storage capacities including HDD and SSD options.

We offer cameras that can be fitted internally or externally, that are designed for internal surveillance, forward facing incident recording, rear facing Driver Only Operation door monitoring or as part of passenger counting systems.
Our camera can also be designed for use in a variety of climates and temperatures as required, and have high reliablity performance.

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 Analogue System

A basic analogue system comprises of cameras, control units, remote unit, an onboard screen and an investigation station.

Cameras – These are available in a variety of sizes and lenses, as overt or covert, forward or rear facing for internal and external fitment.

Control unit – these are typically fitted with 4 cameras linked to each control unit, with redundancy for 4 more in case of control unit failure.

Remote Unit – these are used for the onboard viewing, and also contain the storage for the recorded images.
These can be supplied with either HDD or SSD fitted, with a choice of storage capacities available.

Onboard screen – this allows staff to view live or recorded images as needed.

Investigation station  – this unit is designed review and download video from the remote unit whilst it is off-train.


Digital system

A digital system will provide several advantages over an analogue system.

Images will be displayed and recorded at a higher resolution, meaning that live and recorded images are clearer, and can support enlargement for identification purposes.

Digital cameras are IP based allowing for remote access for live video as required.

Images can be downloaded remotely, removing waiting time, and need to remove units to access video.