For off shore installations such as Oil/Gas Platforms we are experienced in the design and supply of complete turnkey safety critical Platform Alert and Evacuation Information Systems that include –

  • Zoned Public Address Systems that employ both general microphone paging and emergency announcement facilities
  • Fire and Gas Panel fail safe interface to enable automatic triggering of public address Platform Alarms and alarm broadcast synchronization with the main platform sounders
  • Broadcast of Platform Alarms including Toxic alert, Gas alert, Prepare to Abandon alert and Abandon Alert
  • Broadcast of “Confidence Pips” throughout the system during alert conditions
  • PABX interface to enable remote paging via telephone
  • Multiple system Control/User Interfaces to provide system access and control from multiple locations such as Main Control Room, Heli Deck etc
  • Sunlight legible LED signage for areas of high noise levels
  • Cabin bed-head multi channel entertainment systems with automatic platform alert override facilities